Investor Services: QIC advises and supports owners and investors who have become unhappy with the strategic and financial performance of their company.
Company Management: QIC supports owners, investors and international firms with the management, corporate governance and administration of their direct investments.
Business Generation: We are entrepreneurs and we think like entrepreneurs. We build successful companies from old and new ideas. We connect partners, and we manage your and our companies – operationally and strategically.
Successful entrepreneurs combine passion and hard work. They have the courage to be different and to walk new paths. Here at QIC we live these values. We are entrepreneurs and our passion is BUILDING SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES.

QIC supports owners, investors and international firms with business development and corporate governance. We strongly believe that only innovative, well-managed businesses can generate sustainable success for their owners and relevant stakeholders. QIC positions itself as a solid, focused service provider for business owners.

Company Management covers the general consulting needs of company owners - namely for corporate governance as well as for performance & profitability issues.

Performance Step-up: We handle the planning and implementation of initiatives for performance improvements and innovation. Revenue growth and cost-saving measures are defined through data analysis and workshops.

Governance: We represent the interests of the company owners and investors. Our services include BoD-membership, ad-interim management and CFO positions.

Special Audit & Task Force Services: We execute special audits, support task force operations and implement internal control and monitoring systems for subsidiaries and direct investments.

Managers do not always grant sufficient diligence to ideas, instructions or apprehensions from investors and company owners. When shareholders and management want to discuss strategy & business development in depth, QIC guides the process.
  • QIC organizes workshops that include:
  • Comprehensive situation analysis
  • Development of business growth scenarios
  • Measures to take the company out of its comfort zone
  • Agreements on actions for short, middle and longterm improvements
  • We offer the following programs:

Re-focus: New orientation when beaten paths or unsuccessful diversification strategies need to be refocused.

Accelerate: The company knows the way, the strategy is there, but the implementation is too slow.

Innovate & Build: Innovation is the most sustainable building block of corporate development. The fastest path is by acquisition. Such projects are often initiated by the investors or company owners. QIC assists with both the validation and the implementation.

Entrepreneurs want to explore new frontiers and implement new ideas. QIC Business Generation offers a range of consulting services for entrepreneurs and investors who have plans but lack the capacity to implement them.

Idea Generation: The core of entrepreneurship is to spot market niches and to seize them. QIC leads with dialogue, workshops and business planning.

Connecting Players: Combining and linking different parts of a value chain is a key competence in modern economic systems. We approach the market with the utmost flexibility and speed and with minimal capital investment. QIC connects players and participates if given that opportunity.

Investment Management: QIC supports the investment controlling, or assumes, upon request, the operational and financial management of direct investments. QIC may also participate as co-investor.

Ownership Strategies

The ownership strategy is the formulated answer to the questions „What do I want?“ and „What is success?“. Company owners need to answer both questions for themselves as well as for their company. A clearly defined ownership strategy interlocks the financial objectives and the personal goals of the owners, with an effective corporate governance and the successful growth path of the company.

IQ-Circle, our platform for workshops and events, has a special focus on ownership strategies and deals with key aspects like normative management, corporate governance, legal structures, strategic development, innovation and financial controlling.

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We offer individually bookable workshops and tailor-made events.

The current topics are:

“Which products and customers will I make my money with, 3 years from now?”
Scenarios – Strategies to leave the comfort zone – New paths

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“Generating Ideas & Connecting the Players”
Brainstorming and Networking

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“If I could re-start as an entrepreneur and investor, I would..."
Draw on experience to shape the future

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